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Recovering Party Girls

Nov 20, 2019

"Never been insecure until I met you, now I'm being stupid" -TLC's Unpretty

Episode Breakdown:

00:01:52- What's Cool in the City

00:06:14- Sex Trafficking 

00:19:44- RIP Alexis Crawford

00:33:30- Recovering From Self Esteem

01:12:09- #WCW goes to Stony from "Set It Off"

01:32:41-NatoyaEbony's newest podcast, "We...

Nov 6, 2019

The audio on the episode messed up after 40 minutes, blame that on Mercury being in Gatorade or whatever...

Episode Breakdown:

 00:01:10- What's Cool in the City (The Big Momma Your Arm Edition)

00:12:29- Introducing Christy from NatoyaEbony's new podcast, "We the Viewers"

00:16:24- Adrianna's nigga woes

00:23:45- #WCW...