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Recovering Party Girls

Aug 28, 2019

We're back with a 2 hour show, like we didn't miss 2 weeks in a row. 

Episode Breakdown:

00:02:24- NatoyaEbony Got The Job

00:25:43- No More Busting It Down For A Goon

00:36:31- What's Cool in the City?

00:52:50- #WCW Welfare Queen (Kia Stevens) from Netflix's GLOW

00:56:48- Recovering From Change

01:41:05- Moesha's...

Aug 7, 2019

Thank you for rocking with us for two years, good sis.


Episode Breakdown:

00:05:06- What's Cool in the City

00:13:41- #WCW: Scandal's Olivia Carolyn Pope (Kerry Washington)

00:30:25- Adrianna Cool has moved on up!

00:52:38- NatoyaEbony's job interview

01:21:10- Listener's Letters (Tori...