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Recovering Party Girls

May 29, 2019

Hey Girl Hey! It's time to create some boundaries. 


00:05:14- What's Cool in the City?/Financial Stability

00:26:11- NatoyaEbony's #WCW (Nicki Marron from "The Bodyguard")

00:38:13- Netflix's "She's Gotta Have It"

00:45:37- La Toya Yvonne Jackson's Birthday


May 22, 2019

Water me, sis. I'm trying to grow.

Episode Breakdown:

00:00:45- Birdman and Toni Braxton on #BraxtonFamilyValues

00:14:20- Adrianna's Snacks/ What's Cool in the City

00:28:57- NatoyaEbony's WCW (Sue Ellen Crandell)

00:36:58- Gypsy Rose's "The Act"

00:45:22- Recovering From Growth

00:19:59- Moesha's Diary (An update from...

May 14, 2019

We back at it and we heard ya'll missed us!

It's been a month since since our last episode and we're back to cackle and cocktail. We talk about what we did on our break and why sometimes you need to unplug from the world.

Episode Breakdown:

00:02:48- What's Cool in the City/#GameOfThrones

00:18:29- #WCW (Kim...