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Recovering Party Girls

Nov 27, 2018

"Hey girl, heyy" -- NatoyaEbony

We're back in this thang with an episode full of hot topics. This week we're discussing OWN's "Ready to Love", Sex and the City's new script, and much more.

As always Adrianna Cool will tell you "What's Cool in the City" and find out why NatoyaEbony gives her #WCW to one of her childhood...

Nov 14, 2018

This week's episode is straight from a discussion titled, "The Racial Divide: Women of Color & White Women" from Jada Pinkett Smith's Facebook show, Red Table Talk. We'll discuss our friendships (and non-friendships) with white women.

Also, Adrianna Cool will discuss why she is the real life "27 Dresses" and how she...

Nov 7, 2018

"Where are all the good black men?"- The Rolonda Show

This week @NatoyaEbony and Adrianna Cool (@mscool_nthecity) attempt to answer the question that was asked by Rolonda on her 90s talk show.

 "Candy", Regina Hall's character on "The Best Man" is this week's #WCW. From stripping at the bachelor party to guest at...