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Recovering Party Girls

Jan 23, 2018

The Year of The Woman

This week it's all about women and you better hear us roar! We recap hot topics like Ciara telling us, single women, to #levelup and Mo'Nique's request for us to boycott our Netflix and chill weekend plans. We also discuss the #MeToo and the #TimesUp movement.

Adrianna tells you what's cool in the...

Jan 10, 2018

"How you living? What? How you living? What?...In living color"

This week NatoyaEbony (@natoyaebony) and Adrianna Cool (@mscool_nthecity) are feeling a bit nostalgic, so they are talking about all things 90s. Go ahead and grab your baggy overalls and cross colors short sets and listen up as they discuss TLC, The Ricki...

Jan 3, 2018

"I don't like her because my BFF don't like her." If you ever said that before this episode is for you.

This week NatoyaEbony (@natoyaebony) and Adrianna Cool (@mscool_nthecity) talk about taking on your friend's beef/drama. Sometimes you can be loyal to a fault.

This week NatoyaEbony explains why Queen Latifah's...