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Recovering Party Girls

Dec 27, 2017

5,4,3,2,1....HAPPPPPPY NEW YEAR!!

This week NatoyaEbony (@natoyaebony) and Adrianna Cool (@mscool_nthcity) are recapping their 2017. They talk half empty water bottles, finding their vibrators in random places, and words that shouldn't be brought into 2018.

Listen as we reflect, laugh, and set goals for 2018.


Dec 21, 2017

"Merry Christmas, from The Temptations!"

This week NatoyaEbony (@natoyaebony) and Adrianna Cool (@mscool_nthecity) talk all things Christmas. Listen as they discuss their favorite Christmas memories and if they'll have their kids believe in Santa Claus or not.

As usual, Adrianna Cool will tell you what's cool in the...

Dec 13, 2017

On this week's episode NatoyaEbony (@natoyaebony) and Adrianna Cool (mscool_nthecity) answers Usher Raymond and Ludacris' question on why people shouldn't be lovers and friends.

Also, what would you do if your co-workers butt dialed you and left a voicemail of them talking sh*t about you? Well, that happened to...