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Recovering Party Girls

Jun 5, 2019

"Singing does not put food on the table. Singing does not pay the bills. Singing is no guarantee to the future, even if you do have talent." - Rita Watson's mom from Sister Act 2

We're back this week and we're talking about passion. Can your passion become your career? Is your passion your purpose?

Episode Breakdown:

00:01:51- What's Cool in the City

00:11:26- #WCW (Vivian Ward from "Pretty Woman)

00:20:47- Nelly 

00:29:49- Netflix's "When They See Us"

00:44:34- Braxton Family Values

01:01:05- Ava DuVernay is not your "auntie"

01:05:59- Recovering From Your Passion


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