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Recovering Party Girls

Oct 17, 2018

"I was just frontin'. You know I want you, baby." - Pharrell

If you or somebody you know is faking it on the 'gram this episode is for you. This week @NatoyaEbony and Adrianna Cool (@mscool_nthecity) are chatting it up about people who aren't showing their real lives on social media. Also, is faking it until you make it misleading?

Countess Vaughn's character, "Kim Parker" from Moesha and The Parkers is NatoyaEbony's #WCW. Find out why she thinks Kim might be better than Moesha.

Episode Breakdown: 

00:02:27- What's Cool in the City

00:09:11- NatoyaEbony's Testimony

00:27:21- #WCW

00:30:47- Recovering From Frontin'

01:00:27- Moesha's Diary

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